The Beginner’s Guide to German Longsword, part 2: How to Hold a Longsword

2.1. Holding the sword Holding the sword may seem fairly straightforward, but due to the complexity and versatility of our hands, it includes a lot of finesse and detail. Here are some general guidelines, which are true for all grip positions with the longsword: Always be relaxed. Don’t grip the sword tightly. If your hands […]

The Beginner’s Guide to German Longsword, part 1: What is a longsword?

So, you want to learn how to wield a longsword like a pro! That is most excellent! The first step in that journey is to go find a good club that can get you there, because no matter how good an internet guide may be, it is no substitute for live practice and coaching. Here […]

Inspiritional historical swordspeople: Jean-Louise Michel

Granted, me being primarily a longsword fencer, I am not all that aware of later masters of the sword, but damn do they have some interesting stories! This time around in inspirational historical swordspeople: Jean-Louis Michel Born in present-day Haiti in 1785, his earliest years have a bit of a conflict in the sources. Some […]

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